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HORROR: Man preserves wife’s dead body with icepacks before dying on toilet

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Police at Abuakwa in the Ashanti Region are looking into the strange circumstances that led a man to keep his wife’s dead body in their flat for several months.

Mr & Mrs Jackson

Their two children, aged 11 and 13, were also locked up and found in an unconscious state inside their two-bedroom apartment.

According to myjoyonline.com, the Jackson family, said to be well-to-do, lived in a rented apartment at Maakro Plot 10 in the Abuakwa municipality of the Ashanti Region after relocating from the Netherlands about seven years ago.

The news outlet reports that before the bizarre demise of Ernestina and Samuel Jackson, the Jackson family did not socialize with neighbours.

The last time neighbours set their eyes on the family was when they returned home, parked their unregistered Ford Expedition car and climbed upstairs to their apartment.

After several months of neither seeing nor hearing from the solitary family, neighbours lodged a complaint with the Abuakwa police, whose investigation led to the discovery.

The body of Mrs. Ernestina Jackson was found in a decomposing state. Police found out that her husband, also late, Samuel Jackson tried to preserve her body at home by putting ice packs on the body which was wrapped in a blanket.

Police suspect Mrs. Jackson died about 3-months ago.

The Jackson Family were last seen in public in May. Photo credit: Joyonline

It is further reported that the two children of the deceased couple were locked up without food and water for days with the decomposing bodies of their dead parents.

They are reportedly on admission at the Abuakwa Polyclinic. They have also been referred to the Social Welfare Department.

The Medical Superintendent at the Polyclinic, Dr. Mensah Manye, said the two children are traumatized and require psychotherapy.

“The elderly one cannot still talk well. I don’t know if it’s because of the trauma. May be some psychologist may come in to actually talk to them before they can get out of that situation,” he recommended.

“It was a long month of traumatization in which from what I gathered from the police; they were locked up in a room like for months.

“The extent of the decomposition and the odour of the smell is not the best.

“But I understand the man put an ice pack on the woman on the floor. That one too I can’t tell what he was trying to do and he himself died in the wash room whilst going to toilet,” Dr. Manye added, as quoted by myjoyonline.com.

Police have been reportedly making efforts to reach the relatives of the family but to no avail.

Watch the video below ;

Video credit: Joyonline

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