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Young Man Recounts How He Broke-Up With His Girlfriend After Watching His Mother To Sweep.

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A Nigerian man on Twitter, Chinedu Ihekwoaba, has stirred reactions after he revealed the trivial reason he broke up with his girlfriend.

Chinedu, who questioned how young girls are raised in today’s society, claimed that his relationship with his girlfriend ended when he saw her watching his mother sweep without offering to help.

Apparently, the young woman had paid a visit to her man in his home and met his mother sweeping. Rather than helping with the chore, she sat and watched the old woman complete her task.

The young man was enraged by this and broke up with her as a result.

Narrating the incident on Twitter, Chinedu wrote,

However, Netizens also couldn’t hide their concern’s pertaining to the young man’s tweet. Checkout what netizens also said;

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