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WATCH VIDEO: An “Alleged Bathroom” Video Of Popular TIKTOK Star Le@ks Online

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A TikTok influencer who uses the handle @Ivytotheworld is trending on social media after her le@k video surfaced online.

This isn’t the first of its kind such video’s have surfaced online.. it’s however becoming a usual occurrences and also others believe in becoming stardom after such incidence and willing to go an extra mile to become famous.

According to sources, she is popular on TikTok as well … scroll down to check on her page ;

In what we believe to be angst-ridden on the part of the lady, this has sparked lots of controversies online as to ascertain why private sessions managed to surface online & how the videos inadvertently ended up in the hands of the wrong person or could it be le@ked by herself?

Watch a TikTok video of @Ivytotheworld here;

However, this remains a mystery and has also divided & generated controversies online… some netizens also believe it might not be her whiles others also have strong thoughts that it might also be her.

In recent times, similar issue also occurred which generated much attention and controversies and has risen much concerns on the rate at which people turn to misbehave on social media…

Due to our policy, the sensitive video cannot be shared here, however, if you want to watch the video, head to our Telegram Channel.

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