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Sarkodie hints collaboration with gospel icon Obaapa Christy

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Ghana’s rap icon Sarkodie hints a possible collaboration with legendary Gospel artist Obaapa Christy.

Sarkodie, the well-known Ghanaian rap icon, has hinted at the possibility of partnering with the legendary Ghanaian gospel artist, Obaapa Christy, for a collaboration.

Fans have been filled with excitement and curiosity following the revelation, as it demonstrates Sarkodie’s versatility as an artist by venturing into a collaboration with the renowned Ghanaian gospel artist, Obaapa Christy.

Ghana’s Rap Icon, Sarkodie

Sarkodie recently announced on social media that he has teamed up with Ghanaian gospel artist Obaapa Christy for an upcoming song.

Sarkodie, who is renowned for his exceptional rap skills and influence in the music industry, has frequently embraced various genres in his musical journey. One notable instance is when he delved into gospel music, collaborating with artists such as the late Castro on ‘Adonai’, Kwabena Kwabena on ‘End Time’, and Herty Born-great on ‘Bebree’.

Legendary Gospel Artist, Obaapa Christy

Despite his focus on a secular audience, Obaapa Christy openly expressed her admiration for Sarkodie. Although their musical backgrounds may vary, both Sarkodie and Obaapa Christy share a profound passion for music and a common goal to inspire and uplift their listeners.

This collaboration between Sarkodie and Obaapa Christy, despite their different musical backgrounds, showcases the versatility and openness of these celebrated artists, hinting at a fusion of two distinct musical genres.

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