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300-year-old Cola tree planted by OKomfo Anokye cut down by unknown persons in Feyiase

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“A heartbreaking event occurred in Feyiase, located in the Ashanti Region, where an important emblem with deep historical value in the Asante Kingdom has unfortunately been misplaced.”

The Feyiase Akoyem Traditional Council and the police are collaborating to find the individuals responsible for cutting down the sacred cola tree planted by Okomfo Anokye.

The sacred cola tree, which was planted centuries ago, not only holds great historical significance to the Asante Kingdom but also serves as a source of medicinal benefits for the residents living in close proximity to this revered tree.


• Known as the Okomfo Anokye Bese, the Feyiase cola tree is believed to have been felled in the middle of the night by unknown perpetrators.

•The cola tree stood as a living object, a reminder of ancestral roots, and was highly revered by the people in the area.

• The tree now lies lifeless with its stump seated deeply in the middle of the Kumasi Atonsu – Lake Bosomtwe road.

the centuries, the significance of this extraordinary tree, which bore distinct black and white nuts, extended beyond its historical importance to the Asante Kingdom. It also served as a cherished source of medicinal benefits for the inhabitants residing near this revered tree.

For an extensive period of time, the tree was not only enclosed by a protective wall to deter trespassers but it was also safeguarded by the devoted locals of Feyiase Akoyem, an esteemed Ashanti community situated in the Bosomtwe District.

The linguist for the Feyiase Akoyem Traditional Council, Kyeme Frimpong said;

“This tree wasn’t even cut down when they were constructing the dual carriage road. So we don’t know why someone would do this to us.”

“This is really unfortunate. This could really spell doom for us and also the person who felled the tree,” he added.

The cola tree, which is thought to have sprouted 300 years ago, is said to have been planted by the respected chief priest, Okomfo Anokye. It is believed that the tree grew from the spot where he spat on the ground while chewing cola nut during his journey through the community.

The sacred tree is believed to contain magical powers to cure barrenness and heal people of all kinds of ailments and spiritual curses.

Traditional authorities and police are collaborating in a joint effort to locate the illegal loggers, as they believe that their activities pose a significant threat to Asanteman’s future.

The Feyiase community council, traditional rituals are being conducted in order to bring about peace and harmony in the Feyiase community, which has been the site of several significant historical events for the Asante people, including their fierce encounter with the Denkyiras during the 17th century.

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