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Nigerian lady purchases her best friend an iPhone 13 Pro Max to celebrate their 2nd anniversary[Video]

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A young Nigerian lady has gifted her best friend a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max to celebrate their second camaraderie anniversary.

In a trending video that shows the lovely juncture she gave the phone to her bestie, the lady who was alone in her apartment waiting for her bestfriend to arrive, is seen showing off the brand new device and revealed the motive for the gift.

When the bestfriend showed up, the lady handed her the phone worth at least six hundred thousand naira but she thought it was a prank, and asked who owns it. Reacting, the lady said it was a gift to her.

The bestie did not believe at first and pointed out that she already owns an iPhone 13, but the lady reminded her that she once pledged to buy her an iPhone.

When she was ultimately convinced that the phone was hers, the best friend went agog and began crying out in excitement. She also hopped on the body of her benefactor to properly appreciate her for the gift.

Watch the lovely video below,

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