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Nhyira Hayford Refutes G@y Rumors, Watch the Controversial “Trumu” Video Trending at Number One on X – Full Story

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Last year 2023 was relatively calm and intriguing, but it appears that the new year has started with a flurry of controversial stories emerging from the world of showbiz. However, these incidents and the latest updates have been widely discussed on X, formerly known as Twitter.

We recently came across a popular trending post on X post titled “Trumu,” which is currently trending as the number one topic.

The Alleged Transgender popularly known as “Headucator” photo credit : @jhu_nea_/X app

One guy named in the public space and on Twitter as @NhyiraHayford has been trending for his involvement with a transgender guy also called @Headucator over their alleged $exual escapades they recently had which resulted into a mayhem over settlement of debts.

Photos of Njyira Hayford. Photo credit: Instagram/nyhira_hayford.

Nhyira Hayford, as purported initially paid his victim a sum of 1,500gh to his lover by giving him “Bl0wJob/He@d”

But Nhyira has failed to fulfill his promise to Headucator by only paying 750gh instead of the agreed-upon 1,500gh for a $exual acts.

The recent revelation about Nhyira refusing to pay the remaining amount has sparked a lot of debate online. This is especially significant because Nhyira had previously rejected a young lady’s proposal after she shared his pictures on social media.

Nhyira made it clear that he was not interested in the lady , who goes by the name “July.” He even jokingly mentioned that he is already married. You can watch the video below for more information.

Head towards our telegram channel to view clearer photos of the alleged “Trumu” photographs.

Nhyira Hartford has shared his side of the story on his personal X account, in an effort to clarify and analyze what happened. You can read his tweets below;

It highlights the ongoing discussions in parliament regarding the LGBTQ+ anti-bill. It seems that there has been an increase in the visibility of g@y, le$bian, and bi$exual individuals, particularly in Accra and other regions of the country. However, it’s important to note that their activities are still considered illegal until parliament reaches a final decision.

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