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My relationship with Grand P is real but he is a womanizer – Euxodie Yao

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Euxodie Yao, a curvy Ivorian socialite, has alleged that her boyfriend Grand P has been unfaithful to her and involved with multiple women.

My relationship with Grand P is real but he is a womanizer – Euxodie Yao

Grand P and Euxodie Yao, a couple known for their contrasting sizes, recently visited Ghana. During an interview on Joy Prime, Euxodie Yao referred to Grand P as a playboy.

Additionally, she asserted that her connection with the Ivorian politician turned musician is genuine and not merely for the purpose of gaining attention on social media.

In 2019, she disclosed that she has been involved in a romantic relationship with the Guinean singer. Although they haven’t tied the knot, their relationship has experienced both periods of being together and being apart.

According to Eudoxie Yao, she revealed that the reason for their multiple breakups in their relationship is due to Grand P’s fondness for other women.

Watch the interview below ;

After facing allegations of being unfaithful, Eudoxie Yao and Grand P ended their relationship in 2021. Images of Grand P with another woman, who is rumored to be the person he cheated on Eudoxie Yao with, have circulated widely.

Eudoxie Yao took to Facebook to announce the end of her relationship with Grand P, stating that she will now be focusing on her musical career instead.

Curvy Ivorian socialite Euxodie Yao, Girlfriend of Grand P

Following Eudoxie Yao’s announcement about ending her relationship with Grand P, rumors of infidelity quickly emerged. Accusations of his unfaithfulness resurfaced as it was revealed that he had cheated again.

Curvy Ivorian socialite Euxodie Yao, Girlfriend of Grand P

There were online rumors circulating about the woman with whom he was rumored to have been unfaithful.

Moussa Sandiana Kaba, popularly known as Grand P, is a well-known Guinean singer, actor, politician, and social media personality.

A photo was also circulating showing him kissing the woman. The famous singer created quite a festive atmosphere at the airport in Ghana when he arrived last night, as he had previously mentioned.

Grand P, whose real name is Moussa Sandiana Kaba, is a diminutive singer who rose to fame after performing on a show by Guinean musician Kerfalla Kante.

He has a large following on social media, both in Guinea and abroad. He is currently in Ghana, as a guest of LEMA Press, one of Ghana’s leading printing presses.

Company CEO, Zina Dassa, said that he invited Grand P to Ghana because he was inspired by his positive attitude and hard work. He said that Grand P’s success story should motivate Ghanaian youths to pursue their dreams.

Watch the video below as Grand P and his girlfriend showcase’s their love dance at 3FM;

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