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Lady who witnessed death of passenger rubbishes account by Ghana Airport Co. Ltd

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The witness, identified as Emelia Van Eck on Facebook, attributed the death of the passenger to the lack of an effective first aid system in Ghana.

In a post on her Facebook page on Friday, June 17, Emelia alleged that after catcalls were made, a nurse showed up at the scene with only “a medical bag filled with paracetamol and plaster”.

In her view, the passenger passed away as a result of system failure.

“I witness the last 10mins of a man’s life …….at the arrival hall at Kotoka. No first aid kit, no defibrillator no oxygen no aid …..no medic personal. the man was uneasy and a friend helped him to sit and within 10mins just like that he rolled his eyes and dropped dead. 

“We kept yelling for help, medical assistance something and a nurse showed with a medical bag filled with paracetamol and plaster. My heart is broken. Could he have been saved …..possibly if there was proper first aid. We have the most expensive cars and houses in Ghana and no first aid kit to save a life? 

“May his soul Rest In Peace. I pray Ghana Civil Aviation fix the problem. Life is so fragile ohhhhh,” Emelia wrote on Facebook.

A middle-aged man travelling from the United States of America, arrived on board United Airlines from Dulles International Airport Washington on Friday.

He complained of tiredness and difficulty in breathing. The Ghana Airport Company said in a statement that the deceased was offered a wheelchair and given medical aid before he was rushed to the Airport Clinic.

Unfortunately, the man could not survive whatever health issue might have afflicted him.

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