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Lady fails her Best friend’s loyalty test and accepted to sleep with her boyfriend for N50k; Appropriately 933ghc [Video]

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A Nigerian lady has put her friend to a loyalty test to see if she would fall for her boyfriend’s advances and she failed.

In a viral video, the lady disclosed that her friend came to visit her at her man’s house and was presently having a shower in the bathroom; and thereafter revealed her intention to play a prank on her.

She asked her male friend to pose as her boyfriend and approach her friend in the bathroom with a proposition to have sex with her while making her believe she wasn’t at home.

When her male friend got to the bathroom, he spoke to her friend through the door and asked if he could come in so they could have a quickie sex.

The lady who seemed surprised by his proposal, rebuked him for having the audacity to ask for such a thing. She also told him to stop immediately if he doesn’t want her to insult him.

However, the man didn’t back down and this time, offered to pay her N20k for sex, but she refused.

He then increased it to N30k but she still refused.

He eventually increased his asking price to N50k which made the lady go silent in the bathroom like she was considering the offer.

She then agreed to the offer and suggested that they meet at a hotel, instead of having sex in the bathroom.

In response, the man said there’s no need for that and they could quickly do it in the bathroom.

When she opened the door, she met the shock of her life as her ‘friend’ was also standing outside.

Watch the video below;


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