Kwame A Plus goes hard on Abena Korkor & reveals name of a man she ‘slept with and blackmailed’

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It seemed all was well between Kwame A plus and Miss Korkor but not so fast. A Plus has waged war against Abena Korkor for mentioning his name again in one of her recent posts

Award-winning Ghanaian media personality and mental health advocate Abena Korkor has dragged in A Plus by saying ” look at People’s whatever .. .look at his shoe, aww money has gone to the wrong place so everybody will fool“.

Award-winning Ghanaian media personality and mental health advocate Abena Korkor

In one of Abena’s post which didn’t go too well enough for A plus which has triggered a reply from A Plus who decided to return the same energy by insulting Abena Korkor too. He went on to divulge a man Abena Korkor has slept with and blackmailed him, hence, she doesn’t mention his name.

You no craze pass anybody. You remember that guy you lied to that you had misplaced your house key so he should get you a place to spend the night and he took you to Marriott Hotel? That was the very first day you saw him. Abi he go diet your distin?,” A Plus said. 

He continued that “why haven’t you mentioned his name? Didn’t you blackmail him to buy you 3 air conditions? Wo de do tw* ayɛ fix deposit na wo didi ho. Wasua adwuma pa. Kɔso aaa na kɔso, Onyame ba.

You are not just a frustrated @sh@wo ooo. You are a confidence trickster and a blackmailer, aka ajana 1 ajana 2. 😂 Look at you calling people corporate ashawo Yeah, at least they have added some class to it,” he added.

The post ;

Abena Korkor in response appears to be unperturbed by A Plus’ post as she said “lease if your need more information, call me. You are lacking content. All what your said is true but u left his name or he is your sponsor“.

Her comment has triggered A Plus who went live on Instagram to give more details and dropped the man’s name as Furgerson. According to him, though Abena Korkor is acting unbothered, she called the man weeping and asked her why he told A Plus about their affair. Hear more from him in the video below.

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