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Koforidua: ubiquity of ritual murder and human sacrifice;Horrific Video Shows Group of Nigerians Killing [Video &Audio]

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Victims lying down motionless

In a shocking video widely circulated on social media, especially WhatsApp platform; two young guys believed to be Nigerians were violently slaughtering an unknown people.

However, the incident was captured by the perpetrators themselves. According to one of the ladies who was narrating the whole incident to her loved one pertaining to the trending video & also cautioning her to be vigilant about these assailants.

Now, these unknown assailants are believed to have been hiding in an unknown township a suburb of koforidua. They carry out their task by using their victims to trap other victims via dubious means and then kidnap them.

In one of the woman’s voice note, she described the unfortunate incident as barbaric and uncouth. You can listen to the audio below;

Apparently, Ghana Police Service are on the look out of this incident and working around the clock to put those perpetrators to order.

As to ascertain the authenticity of this trending and worrisome content’s & reasons why these young men were seen engaging in such horrifying activities are yet to be known. But it’s also believed to be “sakawa” thus; money ritual as they were seen cutting off some vital parts of their victims body.

Due to our policy, the sensitive video cannot be sharedw here, however, if you want to watch the video, head to our Telegram.

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