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KOFORIDUA: “All-Nations University-WOCOM Empowers Students with Breast Screening Initiative: Promoting Health and Awareness”

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H.E. Eleanor Amponsem, WOCOM president with administrators of St. Joseph Hospital, Koforidua.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) of the All-Nations University (ANU), Koforidua has taken initiative to organize a breast screening event, showcasing their commitment to educating students about the worldwide health concern and promoting awareness.

The breast screening and sensitization program is designed to educate individuals, particularly women, about the various risks and causes associated with breast cancer.

Through this program, their aim is to raise awareness about the importance of early detection, as it enables individuals to receive timely treatment. Their goal is to provide students with the necessary information and resources to understand and prevent breast cancer effectively.

H.E. Bob-Dery Kelvin, President of All Nations University’s Student Council, highlighted the importance of giving utmost importance to breast screening and raising awareness about it. This urgency arises from the unfortunate reality of numerous women losing their lives to breast cancer. By making breast screening and awareness a priority, we aim to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and resources to detect and prevent breast cancer effectively.

He further emphasized the gravity of chronic breast conditions because of the vulnerable nature of the human breast. He urged everyone to work together and remain extremely alert in identifying early symptoms of the disease to ensure timely and effective treatment.

After conducting the screening, it was concluded that none of the students had been diagnosed with breast cancer or exhibited any indications of breast complications.

This outcome highlights the importance of early detection and regular screenings in maintaining good breast health. It is crucial for all individuals, healthcare professionals, and society as a whole to remain vigilant and actively participate in efforts aimed at preventing and treating chronic breast diseases.

H.E. Eleanor Ampomsem, the Women Commissioner of ANU SRC, emphasized the significance of early screening for breast cancer. She stated that being aware of the risk factors and making necessary lifestyle adjustments can play a crucial role in preventing and treating chronic breast diseases.

H.E. Eleanor Amponsem, WOCOM President for All Nations University,Koforidua.

H.E. Ampomsem advised women to regularly examine their breasts as cancerous lumps can develop gradually over time. By doing so, women can ensure better breast health and increase their chances of survival.

She further recommended that,

One should regularly examine their breasts to detect any potential breast complications early. Since it takes time for a lump to develop, she suggests inspecting the breasts every three months throughout the year. This will enable women to ensure better breast health and increase their chances of surviving breast diseases.”

In the exclusive interview we had with H.E. Amponsem, she emphasized the importance of avoiding excessive use of contraceptives, alcohol, and tobacco products. Instead, she highlighted the significance of maintaining a healthy weight as these activities have been known to contribute to the onset of breast cancer. Additionally, she stressed the need for educating young girls about breast cancer and promoting proper breast care practices to ensure early awareness and prevention.

However, she also divulged the importance of parents educating and monitoring their daughters regarding breast cancer during their teenage years. It is crucial for parents to provide proper breast care for both themselves and their children. In addition to breast cancer screening, students also underwent tests for the hepatitis B virus, blood grouping, and received a hepatitis B vaccine injection.

The women commissioner, Eleanor Amponsem extended her gratitude towards the All Nations Nursing Students Association, Business Administration Students Association, and Engineering, Health, and Allied Science Student Association for their valuable support.

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