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If she uses sex toys, she can cheat on you – Rev Mrs Charlotte Oduro

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Marriage counsellor Rev Mrs Charlotte Oduro has shared her thoughts on sex toys and their impact on marriage and relationships.

Speaking to Kwaku Manu in an interview, Rev Mrs Charlotte expressed her distaste for couples who use sex toys before, during and after sexual intercourse.

According to her, using sex toys promotes cheating.

“We have promoted certain things and allowed them permanency, which is destroying us. So today, after someone has slept with his wife, they still have to use a sex toy before they climax.

“Please, I’m not here to rubbish anyone’s hustle. But as a Christain and a whole woman, when God created me he didn’t add any toy to me. Ask yourself, If you have to use sex toys when you are fit, what will happen when you are unfit to perform?”

She confirmed the host’s submissions that using sex toys creates an avenue for women to explore options outside their spouses.

“You are teaching her to cheat because you are making her aware that if she can use a toy to cheat, then a human being goes. What we learn will hurt us in future. Why don’t you communicate with your lover? What toy can outperform a man’s penis? We have allowed western influences to cloud our judgement. This isn’t how we are trained. We shouldn’t follow trends just because it’s the 21st century.”

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