Hushppupi $400,000 fraud claims erroneous– American cyber security adept

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Ramon Olorunwa Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi

US cyber fraud expert expresses his views on Hushpuppi’s new fraud case

An American Cybercrime expert, Gar Warner,has shot down some fresh claims levelled against popular Nigerian fraud suspect, Hushpuppi,for allegedly laundering money worth $400,000 while in jail.

Gar Warner whose attention was drawn to the
reportage on Twitter labelled as fake the documents making rounds on social media.
According to the Terrorism & Social Networks of Criminals expert, the document displayed accusing Hushppupi is a revision of a June 2020 Affidavit, planned to get people to visit the scammer ElP website attached to the story

“People are asking me if it is true that #Hushpuppi laundered $400.000 in #Stimulus cards from in prison. The document they show is an edit of a June 2020 Affidavit. The new version is fake, intended to intended to get people to visit a scammer EIP website, he tweeted on March 17, 2022.

Hushpapi’s prison fraud claims

A new information making rounds on social media indicted Hushppupi of engaging in fraud to the tune of $400,000 even while at a U.S. Federal penitentiary institution.

According to the details previously shared by
Nigerian blog, ‘Instablog9ja’, between January 28 and March 4, 2022, security authorities at a
federal prison in the United States detected that Hushpuppi was using the internet often.

This triggered suspicions, which led the security team to record Hushpuppi’s action,knowing the reason for which he was initially arrested for internet-related crime.

From sources, his activities were tracked over the course of seven days on a system built up just for him and what they noticed were shocking to the team.

It was later discovered that, an underground cybercriminal marketplace was discovered to be selling EIP debit cards to Hushpuppi. A total of 58 debit cards worth $429,800 were purchased on the site by the influencer.

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