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Gov’t adds 200mw of power, 410mw expected – Energy Ministry reveals

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The Ministry of Energy says the government has added 200megawats of power to the national grid.

The Ministry says additional 410 megawatts of power would soon be added to the national grid.

The Public Relations Officer for the Energy Ministry, Kwasi Obeng-Fosu, said in an interview with Onua TV.

Mr. Obeng-Fosu explained that “currently, Early Power is working on 400megawats of power but 150megawatts are ready and have been added to the grid”.

“Pwualugu dam…which is hydro is expected to give us 60megawatts of power while Bui which is also hydro, now has a solar project of 150megawats and 50 megawatts are ready and have been added to the national grid,” he added.


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