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FULL REPORT: Checkout photos of beautiful Lady Maadwoa who was shot five times and killed by her boyfriend in Adum

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A beautiful Ghanaian lady identified simply as Maadwoa has shockingly died after being shot five times by her jealous boyfriend.

Deceased, Maa Adwoa

The incident happened at Nkoranza in the Bono Region of Ghana.

According to reports, the man, identified as Kofi Osei, had been suspecting Maadwoa of cheating on him, which eventually led to an argument between the two.

Kofi then reportedly pulled out a gun and shot Maadwoa five times, killing her instantly. He then fled the scene.

The police have since launched a manhunt for Kofi and have appealed to the public to provide any information that could lead to his arrest.

According to him, he was at Aseda house in Adum and came down to purchase something and witnessed Maadwoa, another lady and her supposed boyfriend arguing out on the streets.

When he went back to Aseda house, he heard some noise which he mistook for a misfiring car.

However, it turned out to be three gunshots which the guy fired at his girlfriend.

According to reports, he fired into her five times due to being unhappy with something she had done.

Apparently, it’s alleged that the assailant is a police officer.

Authorities are yet to give any official reaction to the story but photos of the unfortunate victim are flying all over social media.

Check out more details of the story and Maadwoa’s pictures below…


According to another source we gathered which says , the supposed boyfriend and killer named Taakum has been suspecting and accusing the young lady of cheating on him but the lady always denies the allegations levelled against her by her boyfriend.

This continued for some time leading to the lady becoming fed up with the allegation. She (Maadwoa) was enraged and broke up with the guy for always accusing her of cheating on him with another guy.

Fast forward, the boyfriend whose name is given as Taakum started pleading with her (The deceased) to forget about the issue and also for them to get back together but the lady declined.

The lady’s persistent rejection of his plea of accepting him back as her ‘lover’ got the supposed boyfriend angry who pulled out a gun and shot her multiple times before leaving the scene.

Taakum is currently on the run and the police have started a manhunt to make sure he is arrested.

A witness who was present at the scene claims she heard Maa Adwoa begging Taakum not to kill her but he refused and proceeded to shoot her 5 times to death. The witness fled the scene to report the incident.

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