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FULL DETAILS: Chaos At KNUST AsKatanga-Conti clash on KNUST campus [Video]

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Reports from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(KNUST) indicate that there is a clash between Unity Hall and Katanga Hall.

Rampaging students on the campus of the KNUST have vandalized cars and other property in a clash between students of University Hall ‘Katanga’ and Unity Hall ‘Continental’.

A number of cars parked in front of Conti were damaged by the feuding students.

We can report that some vehicles that were parked in front of Unity Hall have been damaged as a result of the clash.

It is believed attempts of students of Unity Hall to restrain colleagues from University Hall from using their frontage in a procession resulted in the incident.

Police who were at the scene were able to restore calm minutes after pelting of stones between the two Halls.

A close source, Nana Yaw Gyimah says as part of a Hall week celebration, the University Hall had embarked on what they call a zulu procession within the campus.

They had gone through the principal streets of the University.

An attempt to use frontage of the Unity Hall resulted in the two factions pelting stones at each other.

For over a decade, the two Halls reached an agreement never to go beyond the peace Junction when on procession.

A Police team had to intervene to avert further damage to property.

From the videos available, the Police seen on campus were overwhelmed by the numbers and had to flee for their lives before they could call in for backup.

Watch some of the exclusive videos below;

The clash comes a few weeks after a similar incident occurred at the University of Ghana.

It’s believed that, properties damaged are running into millions of Ghana Cedis.

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