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ALPHA HOUR: Pastor Agyemang Elvis is the most viewed live streamer in Ghana

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In Ghana, the current live stream that holds the record for the most concurrent views is Pastor Agyemang Elvis with a peak viewership of over 50,000 concurrent views on Facebook alone. Pastor Elvis has a program called Alpha Hour, an intensive one-hour prayer session which broadcasts live from 12am – 1am every Monday to Saturday on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Zoom.

Alpha Hour is a prayer revival movement that has witnessed an increased audience since it began. Astonishingly, Pastor Elvis has been gathering over 70,000 concurrent live viewers worldwide. As it stands now, these numbers on his live stream have unanimously made him the most concurrent live watched Ghanaian on Facebook and Youtube.

Notably, Pastor Agyemang Elvis’ Alpha Hour has been marked with many mind-blowing testimonies which have been causing so much stir on social media and even on many talk shows on national television. Indeed this has not gone unnoticed, particularly by some social media commentators who criticized his time of prayer and viewers. In spite of such vague criticisms, many young and old Ghanaians have judged for themselves and have joined Pastor Elvis Agyemang to pray. Some even shared testimonies of the impact Pastor Elvis has made in their lives since Alpha Hour began on social media.

It is incredibly praiseworthy that his ministry is young and already has a large number of followers both on and off social media. Pastor Elvis Agyemang currently hosts about four services every Sunday at his church Grace Mountain Ministry, Ofankor, Accra-Ghana, in a well equipped three-story facility that serves as the church’s auditorium.

Undoubtedly, Pastor Agyemang Elvis is currently one of the most promising young Christian leaders in Ghana with a widespread influence in Ghana and even massively among Ghanaians abroad.

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